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Auburn Soccer Association

Ages groups

Players that live in the surrounding areas and attend school of Auburn, Divernon, Waverly, and Pawnee are welcome to participate. Players that live outside are encouraged to sign up within their local communities.

Age ranges

As of September 1st the participants age can be from 4 to 14. Other towns (Pawnee & Waverly) that have enough players will be on the same team, otherwise they will be mixed throughout the Auburn teams.

The players are split into groups accordingly

ASA fall league 
Teams play on Saturday morning with boys and girls play together.

U6   (Under 6)   - 4 and 5 year old
U8   (Under 8)   - 6 and 7 year old
U10 (Under 10) - 8 and 9 year old

CIYSA league (Traveling teams)
Divisions are separated by the player's fall school grade level. There is a 5th/6th and 7th/8th division for each gender.
Teams play on Sunday afternoons.
Boys and girls play on separate teams (if possible).
Teams will travel to play other surrounding towns.

Past years towns that they play: Carlinville, Chatham, Gillespie, Hillsboro, Jerseyville, Litchfield, Nokomis, North Mac, Mt. Olive, Pana, Pleasant Plains, Raymond, Staunton & Taylorville.

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