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Auburn Soccer Association

Volunteer Roles

  • Ball Order
    • This is a short-term, pre-season job that requires placing a ball order for the season – to include balls for soccer camp, teams, and game balls.

  • Camp 
    •  Organizing soccer camp balls, shirts, etc for the campers. Along with getting each camper signed in the week of camp. Camp usually begins the last week of July.

  • Concessions
    • An adult able each Saturday/Sunday during the season to sell food or drinks during the games. 
  • Field Day
    • Leading Field Day, which is typically at the end of July. Field day involves organizing volunteers to help prepare the fields – hang nets, move the goals, mark the field boundaries, etc.

  • Field lining
    • Lining the fields each week or so beginning with the week of soccer camp (typically the first week of August) through the end of the season (October). Paint and the lining machine are provided.

  • Game scheduling
    •  Creating the schedule for all teams for the season. 

  • Game score cards
    • Collecting the score cards from the concession stand each week. The scores then need posted on the ASA website and emailed to the Auburn Citizen so that they can be published in the local paper.
  • Pawnee liaison
    • This person coordinates the Pawnee soccer program, including marketing, getting coaches and sponsors, and maintaining the practice field. This is a major area of need as Pawnee does not currently have a liaison for next season.

  • Photographer
    • Contacting the photographer to schedule picture days (which are typically 2 Saturdays shortly after games start) and setting the picture schedule for each team.

  • Raffle
    • Getting the raffle tickets printed and sorted for each team before the season starts, collecting the sold tickets and money, purchasing the prizes for the raffle winners, and purchasing the incentive gift cards for the players who sell 45+ tickets.

  • Referee scheduling
    • Contacts officials for the season and using the game schedule to ensure there are 2 officials for each game.

  • Registration
    • Getting the players registration form, payment, and creating a spreadsheet for all the registrations from the mail/online in preparation for the teams draft.

  • Signs
    • Someone to put the ASA signs out through out the community in early spring and pick them up at the end of July. 

  • Sponsors
    • Reaching out to previous and potential sponsors to see if they would be willing to sponsor a team and collecting their sponsor check. This job takes place before the season starts. The final task is to deliver the sponsor plaques at the end of the season.

  • Uniforms
    • Tallying up the number of shirts and sizes needed for each team and contacting the shirt vendor with the order.

  • Website
    • This job involves updating the ASA website, including important announcements for the season, the team rosters, schedules for practices, games, and pictures, and game results.

  • Waverly liaison
    • This person coordinates the Waverly soccer program, including marketing, getting coaches and sponsors, and maintaining the practice field.

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