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Auburn Soccer Association

Registration (First Time)

If this is your first time registering online, you will need to create an account with the parent / guardian(s) information. 

Step 1: In the top right hand corner of the page select the link "Register

Step 2: Fill in the new account information and select the link "Create Account!".

Step 3: Add parent and player information by selecting the link "Register Now!"

      A window will appear for you to choose which information you are going to be entering. 

Step 4
: Add the player information. If you have more than 1 player to add, there is a link "Add Another Participant" at the bottom of the page. Once you have entered all of your player information select the link "Continue"

Step 5:  A list of available programs are shown for all of the participant that have been registered. Select the link "+REGISTER" to indicate which programs you wish to enroll in. Each "+REGISTER" link will change to "SELECTED". Once you are finished select the link "Continue".

Step 6:  Please read the medical waiver and fill in the required information. Once you are finished select the link "Continue".

Step 7:  There  is a list of volunteer opportunities if you would like to sign up.  Once you are finished select the link "Continue".
a: If you have chosen to sign up as volunteer the following screen will ask for that individuals information if it is different than the account holder.  Select the individual's picture and select the link "Continue".
b: More information may be asked about the volunteer (i.e. shirt size if they are a coach). Fill in the required information and select the link "Continue".

Step 8
:  This displays your Order Summary before the payment information is necessary. Please review that you have the participants in the correct programs you wish to enroll. Select the link "Continue".

Step 9:  Fill out the payment information and billing address (if necessary).  Once you are finished select the link "Continue".

Step 10:  You should receive an email as a confirmation that your participant(s) are registered.
a. If there is any issue, you may receive an email indicating that something was in error during the process (i.e. credit card was declined or invalid).
Please recheck your information and try again. 

Completing Registration

 If you are having a hard time completing registration, please follow these steps. 

1. Choose the "View Divisions"

2. Click on the "Select" for the Travel Teams

3. Click on the "Continue"

4. Click on the "View/Accept" for both Medical Release and Sportsmanship Agreement. Fill out the rest of the form and click on "Continue"

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